Thrill rides, stalls & amusements – and it’s all indoors. What’s not to like?

The Irn Bru Carnival has been on since forever. Since records began! Oh, no, my mistake – that’s what they say about the worst weather each year. The carnival’s been on for 95 years – think what you could do in that amount of time, where you’ll be, who you’ll be with, how many times you’ll have split up, how many jobs you’ll have gone through. Now don’t think of that, don’t think of the future. At least for the next week think only of fun and now you’ll be in the mood for the Carnival. It’s got 65 rides and attractions so I challenge you not to like at least one thing. You’ll secretly want to go on things you loved as a kid and inside it’ll make you feel like mini you again.

Irn Bru Drop


Experience hearing ‘scream if you wanna go faster’ while you fight with every bit of strength to force your body to pull back rather than force forward which it will naturally want to do – it’s fun! I promise.

Midnight Express

From the big drops to whirring and  spinning you can place your jelly-like legs back on terra firma and bash into your mate’s car in the dodgems  – go on, knock yourself out (apologies)- and if climbing’s your thing then there’s a climbing wall. It’s an eagle eye view of the whole venue so it’s worth it!

It finishes on Jan 17th and it’s a bit of indoor fun so if you’re running out of ideas during our cold and wet spell then get yourself over to the SECC. You’ve got nearby Finnieston for hanging out after for a drink and bite.