Screw you guys, South Park is back

South Park Season 19 Review by Holly Fleming


Screw you guys, South Park is not going home! The rude, hilarious and completely unique antics continue in the shows 19th season.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s masterpiece began in 1992 with a crude, stop motion, cardboard short called The Spirit of Christmas which inspired the cartoon series five years later.

If you’re familiar with South Park perhaps you’re wondering what have they mocked so far? Well, keeping in pattern with the whole series, South Park has made hilarious jokes about topical news stories such as Caitlyn Jenner, political correctness and Wholefoods.

If you’re asking yourself, ‘why should I watch South Park?’ you should know that it’s actually a pretty good way of keeping up with current events, and taking the p*ss out of them too.  The show tells seriously shocking jokes that will make you blush and laugh.

As Stan, one of the four main characters, says, ‘cartoons are getting really dirty’ so maybe it’s time to get used to it! I mean, have you seen an episode of Spongebob Squarepants recently? There are a lot of really subtle, adult jokes.

Back to South Park though. It really does get better and better every season. The animation has become clearer and smarter while still maintaining it’s original, homemade style. I can’t wait to see what else South Park does this season (I’m personally hoping for a joke about David Cameron and the pig) but I know I, and the rest of the millions of fans, will be stunned and wildly entertained.