Shawn Mendes last night in Glasgow – gig review

“Never Be Alone….” Shawn Mendes belted out last night and if the 10,000 screaming fans at the SSE Hydro are anything to go by then Shawn – you have nothing to worry about, you’ll never, ever be alone.

The immense, illuminated ball dangling from the ceiling, irradiated the whole arena and created an atmospheric mood above the second stage where Shawn ventured a couple of times to play piano and be more at one with mesmerised fans at the opposite end of the venue.

Illuminate is everything it promised to be and what more can you ask from an album full of easy listening, pop and…dare I say, heavy pop.

There was some amazing imagery at the show – a neon silhouette of Shawn projected onto the back wall of the stage was apparently reminiscent of an iconic eighties band MTV video. It looked impressive.

It was refreshing not to see any backing dancers or backing vocals – just Shawn, closing his eyes and feeling the music.

shawn mendes

The easy-on-the eye singer used to remind me of 2009 X factor winner Joe McElderry. He has that Coca Cola purer than pure cutsey boy image about him but that’s definitely where the similarities between the two end as the Candadian-born 18 year old is the perfect pop package.

He can sing – the range is pretty impressive – he writes/collaborates on all the material, has a great presence on stage and he fills his tight-fitted long-sleeved cotton top impressively – what more does a pop singer need? (sorry straight guys – I know you were there for admiration and the music)

The tour is of course named after Shawn’s massive second album which was released last Autumn and last night Mercy, Treat You Better and Never Be Alone were just a handful of the crowd-pleasing tracks delivered to a roaring crowd.

When listening to the album I always thought if Shawn sang Mercy a bit deeper it could have passed as a John Newman track but on stage you can hear why Mercy was made (by Shawn) for Shawn!

I was expecting a hoard of screaming girls to wail ‘Shawn, I Can Treat you Better/You Can Treat Me Better’ and god love those screaming fans, they didn’t disappoint.

Of course Stitches, his catchy 2015 Bieber-esque hit, was played to perfection and not one mouth in the crowd was left moist after singing along to his first massive hit.

Shawn once said, “Music is what I go to when I’m stressed, happy, sad, nervous”. Shawn Mendes is where 10,000 fans went to last night to feel exhilarated.
Review by Susie Daniels