Sophie’s Choice: Made in Chelsea

Quote of the episode: “What a mortifying insight into people’s choice of nightwear” – Mark Francis

Monday’s visit to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, offering a glimpse into the fab-u-lous lives of everyone’s favourite London toffs focussed on Lucy Watson’s long standing feud with her ex-boyfriend Spencer Matthews’s new missus, Lauren Hutton. In the previous season of Made in Chelsea, the pair didn’t get off to the best start when Lucy accused Spencer of trying to cheat on his new girlfriend with her, which Lauren very arrogantly laughed off.

The pair attempted to repair their riff by meeting for a drink. Lucy, renowned for being tough and argumentative, surprisingly offered Lauren an, all be it half-hearted, apology for the way she handled the situation before Christmas but maintained the Lauren had initiated the hostility between them. In this season, we’re starting to see the softer side of Lauren as she opens up about how much the accusations at the beginning of her relationship with Spencer hurt her deeply. At first, I, like most people, thought Lauren was very arrogant and smug about how she had “changed” Spencer from a love rat into marriage material, but now I think we’re starting to see that her attitude during her debut in Made in Chelsea was more of a defensive mechanism she was using to brush off her insecurities and worries about Spencer’s cheating past. Now, Lauren is exposing her vulnerability and showing that while Spencer’s past does bother her, she trusts that he will be faithful to her. Reaching out to Lucy and expressing that she wanted them to make peace and even be friends was a courageous step and one I don’t think Lucy’s pride would have allowed her to make the first move on. As well as this change in perception of Lauren, I think we’re also starting to see the softer side of Lucy too.

The Made in Chelsea matriarch who is renowned for being cold, guarded, confrontational and even hostile seems to divide opinion amongst viewers as some love her feistiness (like I do), while others follow the opinion of her ex-best friend’s boyfriend Josh Shepherd who believes Lucy is rude, nasty and jealous of his and Stephanie Pratt’s happiness. Seeing Lucy and Stephanie fall out earlier in the season over Lucy and Josh not getting along, I think the viewers saw a glimpse of how taken aback and shocked Lucy was to see her best friend choose a man over her and I think she is now consciously making an effort to be more considerate of the things she says and does; although I doubt she would admit to this. The Chelsea socialite is currently dating hunk James Dunmore and appears to be becoming warmer and more laidback as a result of her new found happiness. But will her change of heart last? We’ll have to wait and see.

In Monday’s episode, we also saw Binky struggle with her feelings for her new love interest JP, which I think is due to her still reeling from her turbulent relationship with serial cheat ex-boyfriend, Alex Mytton. Meanwhile, Louise Thompson and Alik Alfus hit a bump in their turbulent relationship when Alik broke the news to a devastated Louise that he is considering going back to his hometown in New York to help out with the struggling family business. Next week’s sneak peek showed what seemed to be Alik implying he hoped their romance would fizzle out if and when returned to New York. But were his comments taken out of context?

As trivial and silly as their disputes and dramas may be, there is something addictive about this bunch of posh boys and girls that keeps viewers coming back every week for more.

The next episode will be broadcast on Monday at 9pm on E4.

Written by Sophie McNaughton