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Student Rag reviews !!!(Chk Chk Chk) on last night at Glasgow’s Stereo

!!! or CHK CHK CHK played Stereo in Glasgow last night.
The Californians look to bring an unabashed fun to dance music that’s somewhere between disco and pop-rock. They have been described as a dance-punk band whatever that means but there isn’t a hint of punk in the room.
When a band has opened for Red Hot Chilli Peppers you can’t really question their willingness to let loose and rub a load of funk over everything. Shake the Shudder was the band’s album released in May, and it’s all about letting loose.

Currently based in New York, there is a ‘fierceness’ to CHK CHK CHK that has to have its origins in being set up in the greatest city in the world. They don’t come close to matching the likes of Beth Ditto and Gossip either in performance or in their sound in general. But then again that is a tough ask.

CHK CHK CHK provide plenty of colour and sparkle to the stage, all of which is either there to push the kooky character of the band just in case you missed that or it could be seen simply as a distraction from the music.
There are some spells of worthwhile soul, such as The Long Walk- a nod to some early house music that the likes of Primal Scream and Happy Mondays played with around thirty years ago. The backing singing is what brings any of the bands songs to life rather than the lead singer or any saturated backing tracks.


The band’s enthusiasm and liveliness can’t be denied and they constantly show a willingness to bring in the crowd and ensure they have a good night. The mix of people in the crowd suggests they are reaching lots of different groups, and those groups are willing to spend their Halloween with them.
The band would be excellent for any after party once the karaoke bar is closed and everyone wants to have a drunken dance before waking up the next morning wondering how you got home and where your shoes are.
Review by Luke Hawkins