Susie Daniels checks out sharp-suited Jack Savoretti at Glasgow’s O2 Academy last night

I don’t know where I’ve been the last few years but Jack Savoretti didn’t really pop up on my radar until last year and my radar needle went ballistic last month following his performance of Candlelight on the Graham Norton show (woohoo, party on a Friday night). It nailed him to my ‘must watch from now on’ mental list. Following that channel 4 performance his album Singing to Strangers shot to number 1 in the UK albums chart.

It’s a fair reaction. As soon as I hear big production-sounding Candlelight (amazing last night!) I think to myself, ‘wait a minute, was that a Bond soundtrack?’ It has that incredible energy releasing an air of mystery and intrigue. Last night the air of mystery was unveiled and dah dah dah dah, da da dah dah dah dah (doesn’t quite translate in written form to the Bond tune)

onto the stage stepped a suave-looking part Italian/Polish English-born pop/rock/bluesy soul singer wearing a perfectly fitted (I feel like I could have been the tailor measuring him up as I eyed every suit inch in detail (not a lech, not a lech) ) dark suit and blue linen shirt.

From time to time Jack inadvertently holds the microphone sensuously like a lover (am I the only person seeing this?) and has that effortlessly casual look – one hand placed in his suit pocket – while he pours laments of not being good enough or there enough for his wife and children.

Jack oozes warmth and sexuality and his raspy tones float through the air leaving Savoretti’s loyal fans besotted.

“You’ve always been there for me Glasgow” he belts out in his mongrel European accent (he has literally (almost correct use)) lived in every European country.”

The 37 year-old male artist has a likeability and charm that creates the perfect atmosphere at a gig and coupled with soaring violin strings a classy, contemporary edge adds to his music. (my test is always close your eyes and could you listen to this album at home? yes I can Jack and yes I shall)

Paolo Nutini kept popping into my mind as I watched Savoretti shake his tambourine against his svelte thigh. He has similar Italian looks to Nutini with the thick Mediterranean head of dark hair, longish locks, dark eyes and skin tone but with the suit and a glass of red wine perched precariously on the piano top, Jack edges the classier act.

It’s more of a nipping through Roma city to work while balancing on a vespa kind of look. The production is clean which also helps with the polished feel though there really is an eclectic mix of ballad, pop, blues, gypsy and overall easy listening thrown in.


Jack explains he was brought up in a Catholic school in Switzerland with regular confession on the curriculum so confession has never really quite left his life.

“I started song-writing when I was 15 years old…three years ago I left London, left the city, got married, had kids and have a dog…and you know what I learnt. Happiness is not fulfilled without a piano….I found this piece of sh*t. It’s in my house and it’s like an old uncle. It reminds me of a confession box.

At one point he questions universal marriage vows (actually most are tailored nowadays)’Til death do us part..for better or for worse’. “What does that mean? 24 hours after we (he’s married to actress Jemma Powell (Alice in Wonderland)) got married she saw the worst in me…two years later I saw it in her and I thought, thank god, she’s human. I wasn’t the problem and she didn’t believe I didn’t care. I made her doubt me…I’ve written 6 albums about…love and apologies…so basically I write ‘what more can I do?'”

It appears you can do a lot more. You can sing, play guitar, piano, harmonica, song-write. What more do you need to do Jack?

You make your fans feel loved and that’s more than enough.

As you put it succinctly last night to all your adoring fans, “You started out as strangers at the beginning of the night but now you’re all my friends.”