Susie Franks was invited to check out Mabel last night…

‘I’m a big R & B fan,’ Mabel shouted out to her fans last night at Glasgow’s O2 Academy. The packed venue vibe was already swaying to the beat, all eyes glued to the minimal stage set (via their phones, obvs) of 12 vertical, neon red strip lights, four extremely energetic trainers and black cycling shorts-clad dancers wearing white crop tops – very much in need to cool them down.

Of course centre stage Mabel, wearing a bright orange silky-looking long-sleeved suit jacket and body suit bottom with hanging ties.
The vibe was very much sultry, sassy and na na na, na na.

Reminiscent of Dua Lipa with a Rihanna Caribbean rum flavour mixed in, the sound was fresh and flavoursome. Finders keepers is a great clubby sound and the venue automatically turned into a massive club vibe.

If God is a Dancer then he’d be loving the choreography of God is a Dancer (funnily enough). The Mabel dancing crew owning the stage with a kick boxing, grime, R & B melee of moves that looked alive, confident and took no prisoners. Don’t mess with the dancing posse.

Mabel told her hundreds of fans to keep singing as she dashed off stage and reappeared at the front on the floor in the throng of her fans. Always great to see.
With some chairs and a bit of a twerk going on to ‘Say My Name, orginally sung by Destiny’s Child (lead singer Beyonce), a little sweet interlude before another more soulful number flowed through the room.

The talented singer and daughter of Eighties rapper/R & B singer Neneh Cherry, performed many songs from High Expectations, her debut album released in August last year. Her singing range was demonstrated effortlessly last night and will no doubt ensure her popularity with singer-songwriters.

She sang ‘Okay’ (Anxiety) which probably resonated with many of her young teenage fans with lyrics like, ‘It’s okay not to be okay’. Fine Line was yet another hit song and then of course, saved for the encore, ‘Don’t Call Me Up’.

A great female anthem for ‘I’m not taking any crap and I can do it with or without you’. Not surprising that the female fan contingency outnumbered the guys last night.

Overall a great gig and a great night by a singer who clearly has a lot more to give and hopefully, thanks to her mum who’s no stranger to the music industry, will be in it for the long haul cos Mabel’s in it to win it.

Review by Susie Daniels.