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…”There’s definitely a ‘will they, won’t they’ with Meg and Nicky. I don’t think they understand their feelings…” says Will Merrick of E4s latest comedy Dead Pixels screened last night

Gaming and animation in a TV show is clearly a viewer-pleaser thanks to last year’s popular E4 drama Kiss Me First. Now Dead Pixels takes E4 into the computer animation comedy realm and centres on office worker mates Meg (Alexa), Nicky (Will), flatmate Alison (Charlotte) and friend Usman, whose world


“… Wear the desert colours look at a club, pout in pink on the beach, put a face mask on to go round to your bestie’s and glitter glam yourself to go shopping…”

Kylie Jenner wears every look well. Glitter gal, sexy shimmer, desert delight and she can even rock the face mask look! (it’s a new look that I didn’t just make up). In fact, take a selfie of yourself (who else would you take a selfie of?!) rocking every look, create