Grab a Piece of That World Pie!

With an increasing demand for English teachers across the world, there has never been a better time to become TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualified. A TEFL certificate enables you to travel and work abroad. With employers offering both short-term and long-term contracts, TEFL is ideal for both students and recent graduates looking to gain valuable, international work experience. From South East Asia to South America and everywhere in between, they allow you to take part in a life-enhancing, fun-filled and exciting opportunity.

TEFL Org UK runs flexible courses throughout the UK, Ireland, Spain & the USA – offering online, classroom and blended learning courses. Classroom courses are available in Edinburgh, Glasgow and other locations throughout the rest of the UK. All courses are entirely self-paced, so you can fit your learning around essay deadlines and nights out!

TEFL Tristan - China

It was while I was studying International Relations at Lancaster University late on in my postgraduate year that TEFL came to my attention.
In my field of study, you learn just how globalised we have become, and see how that will only increase. To really take advantage of this, out in the “real world” it’s great to have international experience. Deciding where you want your experience to be is one of the biggest decisions to make.
I wanted to go somewhere that would be almost alien to me, a place where I had a real opportunity to immerse myself in the local culture and give me a chance to learn the language. Europe felt too close to home, the money in South America and Africa is pretty low, so I was left with Asia.

I narrowed it down to Vietnam, Thailand, or China. I chose China as it holds a special place in my family’s history with one grandfather stationed in Hong Kong for a portion of his military service, and the other grandfather having a connection to Chen Cheng. Without TEFL I would never have experienced some of the greatest wonders of the world. The memory of seeing the Terracotta Warriors will forever be with me. The Taste of China will stay with me – unfortunately ruining Chinese Takeaway in the process. The experience allows you to do more of what you love, and if you love teaching then that’s a bonus too. There is something very special about witnessing the miniscule improvements in a student and look back over a semester or a year to see how far they have come. Being part of that is pretty amazing. By Tristan Cotterrill

TEFL- Emily Maybanks

I took the 120-hour online TEFL course initially after returning from my year abroad, which was a compulsory part of my degree at Swansea University, a BA in Modern Languages, Translation and Interpreting. I found the course interesting and teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) was something I wanted to look into doing. In summer 2017, I went to Italy for 3 weeks to work as a Summer Camp Tutor with Lingue Senza Frontiere. On my return to the UK, I spent a further 3 weeks working in a summer school in Reading with UK Language Courses.

At the beginning of my final year of uni I took two advanced TEFL modules – Teaching Young Learners and then Teaching English Online. At the end of my final year at Swansea University I had an interview with Education First for teaching in China and was offered a position with EF in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China – to begin hopefully in early 2019, for an initial 15 months. Until then, I returned to work with UKLC in Reading this summer, and I am soon to begin a position as an Online English Teacher with EF. I am also currently studying the advanced Teaching Business English course. I found studying for the TEFL qualification alongside my University degree reasonably easy, I could do the work as and when I had time. By Emily Maybanks