Pack your bags and disappear to a different country. From posing for Instagram at a full moon party in Thailand to gruesome lads/lasses’ jaunts in Magaluf to bar work in Australia, only you know what form of temporary emigration would best suit you. Money permitting, there is no end to the possibilities of where you could end up in the next couple of months. Money not permitting, you’ll probably find yourself in a Wetherspoons in Newcastle.



Obviously plenty of “socialising” goes on throughout the academic year anyway, but you’ve now got enough blank spaces in your diary that you can “socialise” with everyone and anyone you like. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs in town where you will be able to “socialise” until closing time. Please “socialise” responsibly, don’t “socialise” and drive and no “socialising” for the under 18s.


bar worker

Now that your studies are done, SAAS and Student Loans will abandon you like they never loved you. In fact, the only time you’ll be hearing from them again is when they come to get their loan back.
Without this income you’ll need to get into the world of work. You’ll likely have heard stories of recently graduates struggling for work, but this doesn’t apply to all. It might not be your dream job, but bar/kitchen/retail work could well tide you over.



Should numbers three and 10 in this list not go to plan then here is the alternative. Signing on is a great way to keep yourself afloat financially and get help finding some sort of employment. The Job Centre will keep you motivated, either because of the pressure the officers will put on you to intensively look for employment or because you’ll get sick of going there.
Don’t get into the habit of signing on for any length of time but do use this resource which is there to help you should you need it.



Now that you’ve completed whatever year of whatever course it is you’re doing, you have more knowledge than you did at the start of the year (whether it feels like it or not). As noble as it would be, I’m not recommending you become a tutor.
It’s just that now you are in a position to give undergraduates some potentially priceless advice. Would you genuinely recommend the course/college/uni? Which lecturers should they cross their fingers and hope to avoid?
Where can they get the best steak bakes? All vital gems of wisdom you can now impart to the next generation. You don’t have to be the Dalai Lama to dish out sage advice and priceless nuggets of wisdom. Bear in mind, however, that he’s unlikely to be strong on Gregg’s baked products.


stranger things

Now that you have some stress-free time on your hands you can treat yourself to some much-needed alone time with the couch.
It’s time to make a beautifully crafted ass groove in the couch cushions rather than your desk chair. Netflix, Amazon Prime and good old-fashioned TV will look after you. Of course, you haven’t been binge- watching instead of doing coursework the entire year anyway, right?


gordon ramsay

IF you do find yourself spending more time at your own place rather than cafeterias and takeaways then why not become the domestic God/Goddess that you have the potential to be?
This could be your time to become a star in the kitchen. I mean look at Gordon Ramsay, he seems pretty happy most of the time he’s in the kitchen, right? You could stick to the healthy detox (see number 8) or go full-on pastry chef and whip up cakes that are an affront to Mary Berry herself, the choice is yours.



We all have our weekly routines, most of which are based around our timetables. This can have a serious impact on our eating, drinking, sleeping and overall lifestyle.
For example, going for a vape between every class or drinking one coffee per 100 words typed or, in my case, having a diet that mainly consists of steak bakes and chicken wings. Now that the timetables are out the window, we have a chance to get into some sort of decent routine.
Either that or the lack of structure will see us descend into bewildered cattle-like creatures that eat everything in sight.


graduation party

Assuming you haven’t gotten sick of everyone, burned all your bridges and left your last class in a blaze of expletive-laden glory, then graduation ball can be something to look forward to.
The ball will not only give you the chance to spend too much on an outfit, but it will also give you the opportunity to catch up with your former classmates, witness the quiet ones get surprisingly drunk and then never see the majority of these people again.



If you’re determined to step straight into work that actually has something to do with your course, then work experience might need to be your first step into whatever industry you’re looking to be a part of.
More and more courses are encouraging or even integrating work experience throughout the year. If this is the case on your course, then you’ve got yourself some connections and some of that gold dust called experience. If not, then you’ve now got plenty of time to get yourself the odd week in a working environment, which will always have the potential to lead to much bigger things.