The Darkest Mind shines brightly but does it fade in the distance?

Ah, kids with super powers. That Stranger Things posse have been sorely missed but here’s a gap stopper from…the producers of Stranger Things. These guys clearly know they’re onto a good thing cos we’re all super-obsessed.

The Darkest Mind starts off with Ruby Daley (Lidya Jewett from The Hunger Games) realising that all kids and teens are dying from a child-afflicting super virus called Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration (I.A.A.N) (a little know side effect from playing Fortnite – just kidding, knock yourself out).

She survives the first couple of years of the virus but on her 10th birthday life takes a sinister turn. Before Ruby can even explain who she is, she gets abducted and taken to a prison camp for young survivors with super powers. Hmmm, Maze Runner deja vu.

The strength of these powers is categorized by colours: greens who are the least threatening and have enhanced intelligence, blues are telekinetic, golds can control electricity and the two dangerous colours are oranges and reds. Oranges can control people’s minds (you WILL like this review) and reds are pyrokinetic and can breathe fire (dragons without the scales or wings – not too shabby).


    Ruby is orange (I’m still confused about why she was named Ruby) and when she finds out oranges and reds are killed on the camp she uses her powers to brainwash the doctors into thinking she is green.

    The story develops when Ruby leaves the camp and meets two young teens and a child who are looking for the same help she is…and if you want to find out more about the human M&Ms you need to go see the movie!

    The plot captivates from start to finish, the characters are believeable, especially Ruby and the friends she meets but the relationship between Ruby and Liam could have been a lot stronger and it was pretty predictable.

    If you haven’t read the book, you will love the movie but if you have you might be a little disappointed with the story veering from the original plot.

    Overall the film was enjoyable though perhaps didn’t quite reach its full potential. Still worth a view, though.

    review by Caitlin McGill

    The Darkest Minds is out in cinemas nationwide tomorrow.