The End of the F***ing World – interview

  • When Charlie Covell adapted graphic novel The End of The F***ing World she probably had an idea that the show would be incredibly popular but possibly not that the second series would be so eagerly awaited. Having enjoyed an acting career in some of the best TV shows it’s now time to flaunt her other talents and be rewarded by her peers. Charlie tells Susie Daniels how that feels…

Do you have a sense of connection with the two main characters James and Alyssa? If so, what is it about them?
I do feel a sense of connection with them, yeah. I loved writing those two, mainly because I completely fell for them both when I read Chuck’s graphic novel. Both of them have this vulnerability and fear of opening up that I found really compelling and very human.

You were made associate producer halfway through the first series. Can you tell us how that came about/How did that affect your psyche as writer? Did it make you feel empowered?
It was just an act of extreme generosity on the part of the Executive Producers, I think.
They had me on set a lot, and asked me what I thought pretty regularly, and then – as a surprise – I was told I was being made an associate producer. It was really cool of them.

Why do you think the series is so popular?
God, I don’t know… Probably the incredible cast, first and foremost. They’re amazing. Totally amazing. And I think the look of the show is very distinctive.
Plus the music’s huge. Both the songs we use and all of Graham Coxon’s (Blur) original soundtrack, which I just love.

What is it that made this script so attractive?
I think the opportunity to adapt such a brilliant graphic novel was just a no-brainer. The comic is so beautiful – sparse and dark and funny and heart-breaking.
It was a real privilege to bring it to screen, and then to carry on where the source material ended for this second outing.
I love Chuck’s writing and drawing – he’s a complete genius.

Is this the end of the series?

Have there been any other scripts you’ve been drawn to that we may see at some point in the near future on screen?
I’m currently writing a new 10 hour show for Netflix called KAOS. It’s a contemporary reimagining of Greek mythology, set across three worlds.
The idea is to do something that feels like a combination of Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet and The Matrix with a kind of TEOTFW tone and sense of humour. Who knows if we’ll succeed??!

Will acting feature in your life again?
Probably – never say never. I haven’t got time to do anything apart from write at the moment, which is a nice problem to have.
The End of the F***ing World is out now on Channel 4 and More 4