The Sound of Music, Glasgow Kings Theatre

Glasgow’s King’s Theatre was alive with the sound of exquisite music in the form of the Von Trapp family.

The stage breathed life as the Austrian Alps, the palatial Von Trapp home and the convent for the instantly recognisable The Sound of Music setting.

Essentially the story is about personal freedom in many shapes and forms and the dark side of Nazi Germany’s tug on people’s free will and conformity is evident.

But orbiting that serious thread is a light, romantic, childhood innocence which enables it be a show for every age.

The ever-affable Maria is played by tv’s Over The Rainbow winner Danielle Hope who was pitch perfect and totally believable as the postulant nun and governess. Liselle, played by Grace Chapman stood out as one to watch and leading young lady material but what wowed the audience was Mother Abbess played by Jan Hartley. Her songs were few but every time she sang it was to rapturous applause. Her operatic-style voice sounded like it was built for vaulted ceilings so very fitting in the convent.

The regimental Captain von Trapp, played by Steven Houghton, who was excellent in the stage show of White Christmas and best known in Corrie, was also well placed in his role. Memorable song favourites are Do Re Mi, Climb Ev’ry Mountain, My Favourite Things and So Long, Farewell.

High Point: Maria and the von Trapp kids singing together is charming and leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling of childhood.

Low point: chemistry between Marina and Captain von Trapp was lacking but it’s always harder to develop with time restrictions of stage.

Overall: Go and see a great show!