TRAVEL – Jamie’s DIY (do it your way) trip

Nottingham by Jamie Shuttleworth
Dad’s bday seems like a good excuse to visit Nottingham with my girlfriend. 
Sherwood Forest is the first stop. See a Tall Oak and tell a merry tale. It’s the home of Robin Hood and his merry men – Friar Tuck, Little John and Will Scarlett. The forest is woodland at its most beautiful and as the autumnal leaves in varying hues in amber, scarlet, burnt orange and tan change to even deeper shades it’s only going to get better for walks, moments to think and isolation to dream. 

Nottingham1 Nottingham2
Next stop is for all DC Comic fans or anyone who was once a kid (that’s right it’s quite a broad category). If you’re a fan of the Batman franchise then I highly recommend checking out Bruce Wayne’s home Wollaton Hall. We’re obviously more familiar with it’s Batman title, ‘Wayne Manor’. p.s. it’s near the town of Gotham (I couldn’t believe it either!). This is a huge manor house with breath-taking country grounds and classic British wildlife all around. 

When in the city centre take a stroll down Nottingham’s many canals and soak up the scenery. The shopping, though it might not quite rival Glasgow, has everything you’d expect from a modern city centre.  
Food you say? I highly recommend trying out Annie’s Burger Shack. It’s an authentic American burger restaurant and all food is homemade, locally sourced beef patties with amazing toppings. 
There are tons of vibrant pubs in Nottingham to keep you entertained for the weekend: Ye Odle Trip To Jerusalem is a favourite and claims to be the oldest in Britain. If you’re thinking pints and cocktails with a modern twist head to Canalhouse Bar or The Bear & Lace.  

Look out for next week’s edition where I’ll be showing you what to (not) get up to in Amsterdam. What happens in Amsterdam stays there so whatever you do don’t share next week’s featured trip with anyone!

Jamie : )