Trendsetter – Autumn Fashion

Kitsch on the Catwalk

Make a bold step out in kitsch fashions like Katy Perry, Pixie Lott and Marina Lambrini Diamandis. It’s all big, bold and beautiful.

Think gaudy colouring and mass produced imagery! Perhaps full on kitsch is too much for some; however I’ve highlighted a few simple accessories from ‘Luna on the Moon’ [available on etsy]. These glittery gems show kitsch in a more artistic sense with pop art twists on everyday objects. She’s even made flying pigs!

Clio Peppiatt is another designer to watch, even if her designs require some saving.
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Grunge it up

Grunge is the style ever famed by Nirvana. It presents the image of trying without trying. Stripes, tartan, and doc martens are all key to the look.


It’s even acceptable to have ripped tights!

For inspiration look to Frances Bean Cobain. There have been many adaptations to the trend over the years, however Cobain remains the most true to dad Kurt’s concept.

To style the look layer up long sleeves with short sleeves and opt for long loose silhouettes (cosy baggy cardigans etc).

Choose midi / knee length skirts or dresses or skinny jeans.

70s vibing

The 70s unveiled a variety of looks; hippies, disco, psychedelic – the list goes on. Chloé had the rockstar/ groupie look perfected.


Skinny ties, snakeskin, knee high boots, open blouses and free flowing silhouettes.

If you want to get the look then vintage stores are your best bet. have an amazing selection.

However, if you are put off by the idea of second hand then check out reproduction stores such as HuzzarHuzzar, WillowsCall and VelvetCaveClothing.

Geeky gals

Geek chic is back! This time more emphasis is being placed upon the chic.


Gucci, for example, incorporated berets, fur, chiffons and velvet with thin framed specs and loafers.

Vintage shops are perfect for this! Vintage Guru in Glasgow often has 50% off.

To style this look layer pussy bow blouses under knitwear or coats.

The double breast is very much in. You can also take a Jonathan Saunders direction and make use of colour blocking and linear patterns – Topshop and ASOS have some.

Look to Florence Welch for inspo.

Glitter fest

So you may have got accustomed to glittery eyes over the festival season. However, it doesn’t have to stop there!


Glitter and sheer fabrics are all in for Autumn/Winter 2015.

One Scottish design company Isolated Heroes is putting all the sass and femininity into this look with floor length coats and vibrant shades.

Their garments require some saving on a student budget but they are totally worth it!

Miley Cyrus is your go-to girl for this trend.

Perhaps going all out isn’t for you but picking one key piece and teaming it with a solid colour still looks good.