Valentines’ Day Massacre on Your Purse? It doesn’t need to be expensive…

It doesn’t need to be expensive and you don’t need to sit in a crowded restaurant packed full of eager couples where the guys and girls are feeling the pressure, hoping for a day with promises of commitment or pressies to show off to their Facebook friends that he/she really does care.

If you don’t want to be served a production line of over-priced Valentine’s Day dinners that are the least special thing imaginable then check out Student Rag’s top tips…

Valentine’s Day is this Wednesday, so you can’t lounge around all day. Plan ahead. Maybe get up ten minutes earlier and you can squeeze in something a bit special. Make breakfast on Tuesday night, have a plant (I’ll explain later) delivered to you/your friend/partner/parent the day before, get the world’s most beautiful tray to carry it all on, then all you have to do on the morning is blend or brew a quick drink.

Roses are obvious and most importantly expensive – that’s where they got the phrase My Bloody Valentine from (only kidding though it sounds believable). So why massacre your wallet or purse when you can buy a plant that lasts more than a week! Original, beautiful, sustainable and much longer-lasting than roses.


In the evening, some candles, a warming wintery ragu or macaroni cheese hotpot (his and hers bright-coloured pots), and some scatter crystals – loveheart-shaped obvs – or confetti to give it that sense of occasion and you’re done.


Last, but not least, take a tip from Peter Quill AKA Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy (actually, his dying mum did this) and drum up a mixed cd to play during that delightful home-made dinner. A cd takes time, effort and thought and it’s tangible so you can wrap it up! It means more than grabbing some chocolate or dine in for a fiver/tenner/twenty quid meal from your local supermarket.

by Susie Daniels