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We were promised Jetpacks – Interview with the Band’s Adam Thompson

You end your North America and UK tour in Glasgow at the QMU just before Christmas – is it the best Christmas present you could have wished for?

We are really looking forward to it. I don’t think its the best christmas present. It is a job. I’m having to work that night so I wouldn’t call it a present!

I’d really like a bike this year.

Tell us a secret about yourselves that will be an eye opener for our readers?


Does your North America tours lure you to America or would you prefer to stay routed in the UK?

I would rather we played to more people in the UK. We don’t do that well here and that makes us sad.
But I guess being able to tour North America consistently is pretty good.

What did each of you study at university?

I did Politics. Sean did Maths. Mike did Electronics with Music. Darren did German and Film and Media. Stuart did Music.

What would each of you had done if music and your band had not taken off the way it did?

I’ve no idea. Would probably still be trying to figure it out.

When you won Battle of The Bands as teenagers did you think, ‘this is our first ticket out of here’?

Haha absolutely not. It was our first show so it felt good that we weren’t terrible.

I guess it gave us a little confidence but it wasn’t really a well put together official battle of the bands. An eccentric teacher put it on in the dinner hall of our school.

Will you watch the X Factor final and what do you think of the show?

If I’m home and flicking through TV channels I might watch it for a bit.

The early stages with the nutters is always entertaining. I don’t know, its a big pile of p*sh but I don’t care if people like it.

Was it frustrating knowing that at least five X Factor entrants are in the Top 20 when you guys are clearly a genuine product of hard word and independent thought?

Not really. To me what we are up to is completely different from what they are up to.

What did producer Paul Savage (who has worked with teenage Fan Club, Franz Ferdinand and Mogwai) bring to your album when he got involved in the process?

He brought a vision of an end product that had been considered and thought out in great depth. He was great at analysing a song and picking out parts that could be improved or scrapped to help the song.

It sounds simple but he was really good at that and it wasn’t something we had really done before.

You’ve performed with a few bands now, the ones with the greatest longevity being Bon Jovi – did you get any advice from Jon? Did you meet him backstage?

No. I doubt he even knew or cared who was playing before him. I think he arrived by car a few minutes before their set.

Do all of you agree in the direction of the band or do you sometimes find one of you wants to deviate? Is there an obvious leader amongst you?

I think one of the reasons we have lasted so long is because we all feel the same about the band at all times.

You released your documentary this year – was that quite stressful filming? Were there times you asked filming to stop and if so why/what happened?

Nope, it was our buddy Matt Gee who filmed it. I can’t even remember him filming us at all. Zero stress.