What exactly does a Special Constable Do?…

Special Constables wear the same uniform and have similar powers as regular police officers. You will carry out all types of policing which can include policing football matches and events, investigating crimes and patrolling our streets to provide public reassurance by being a visible deterrent. In policing no two days are the same!

Police Scotland are currently recruiting Special Constables who are part time volunteers who represent Scotland’s communities.

My name is Kayleigh Brown and I became a Special Constable with Police Scotland while at university studying Criminology. I decided to take part in this role because I wanted relevant experience to my degree and I believed this role would complete that. This role allowed me to work at events and allowed me to gain a variety of different skills through the experiences I was able to take part in.


This role gave me purpose and the best form of experience I could have gained for any future job opportunity, especially in relation to my degree. As a special constable, you feel part of a team and are not made to feel any different, you are treated equally and supported in all your training and during your deployments. It is something I am happy doing and will help with future job searches.

My name is Pawat Richard Gleave. I studied Biochemistry at the University of Edinburgh. During my studies I wanted to change the world and help people in need through research and development. When I joined the Special Constabulary of Police Scotland I wanted to help and protect the local community of the city I grew to love.

Having served for over a year as a Special Constable I have been proud of the things me and my colleagues have done to help the people in the area, reuniting families with missing persons and protecting vulnerable people from harm. I have used the analytical skills I developed during my studies to assist police operations. Working with Police Scotland has earned me focus, determination, great friendships and the skills to help me in my day to day life.


Police Scotland are holding a Recruitment event for Special Constables on Wed 23rd Jan at 6pm Fettes, Edinburgh & Wed 30th Jan, 6pm Jackton.
RSVP by this Friday 18th Jan to: policerecruitingglasgow@scotland.pnn.police.uk
For more information contact 01355 566350