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BEING a fourth year student at uni is a stressful, nervous, crazy time. I’m a Media and Communications student at Glasgow Caley with three months left of classes, assignments and the dreaded dissertation hand-in date. It’s drudgery and a time to reflect on the past years at university and indulge in some nostalgia of Freshers me and why I can’t wait to have more free time and money to do stuff after graduating.

The nightlife scene is unreal!


Most students love a great night out and a night out with student discounts has got to be the best night out! Most nightclubs offer an entry discount drinks promos. A couple of quid’s knocked off so it’s better than nothing. A few couple of quids saved and we’re on another winner night out!

Shopping Spree!

Glasgow Crowd of people walking at Buchanan Street, Glasgow’s commercial heart and its main shopping street” width=”1300″ height=”935″ class=”size-full wp-image-3447″ /> Scotland, Glasgow
Crowd of people walking at Buchanan Street, Glasgow’s commercial heart and its main shopping street[/caption]

Going a ‘wander’ around the shops in a city is never a good idea. Well it is…and it’s isn’t. Buchanan Street in Glasgow and Princes Street in Edinburgh offer such a myriad of styles that sometimes it makes my head ache and my credit card cry.

Getting fit and make friends


It’s the perfect way to take some well-deserved free time from the looming assignments.

Sport societies and clubs are very welcome and what begins as a hobby can turn into an obsession. Only kidding, that’s just competitive psyche me thinking out loud again. Societies are the best way to make new friends and improve your health. If societies aren’t your thing you could still attend as a fan.

Gigs in amazing venues


Concerts ain’t cheap but there’s nothing quite like seeing your all-time favourite band perform live.  It’s the perfect study-free night and if you’re into writing or blogging, it gives you the ideal thing to write your next feature on to send to Student Rag!

Day tripping

Want motivation? Booking holidays and trips might be just the ticket! Something to look forward to means you can relax when it’s all over and knowing that you’ve aced that essay on a road trip means you’ll enjoy it even more.

Let music cafes be the food and love

Music allows you to tune out from the background noise of the library or café  you’re studying and yet also enjoy the ambience!

Internship, work experience or Gap year

For some, taking time out from your studies just feels right. Get on your laptop and Google like you’ve never Googled before for internships and job placements and make sure they interest you and you’re not just filling a void. Whether its short-term or the full year, internships or work experience is one of the key things that will make you stand out from competitors when applying for jobs in the real world post uni.  You’ll definitely get to meet some new faces, take a break from the stresses of study and you might even get paid. Where do I sign?

By Claire Todd