What’s Happening in June in the Cities? Student Rag Keeps You Posted…


If you’re a crafty type (and have the patience of a saint) then you may be interested in the niche art of origami. All levels of ability are welcome at this meetup event for those who appreciate the ancient and enigmatic Japanese artform in the not so ancient or enigmatic Starbucks.

Origami is a peaceful and rewarding craft, where the biggest dangers you will face are papercuts and your own frustration. This fortnightly meet can be the place to pick up advice or gain inspiration. Newbies and seasoned hands can come together and share tips, tricks and ideas.

Starbucks, every fortnight. £TBC.



The MoonWalk Scotland is an annual event that brings hundreds of people together to power walk through Edinburgh…in their bras. The reason for this is to help in the fight against breast cancer. Walk the Walk’s event encourages as many people as possible, men and women, to turn up wearing a bra (the crazier decorated the better) and march through Edinburgh. There are four distances that participants can choose to walk, ranging from just under seven miles to just over 52 miles. Whatever level you are able to complete, it is all for a fantastic cause so spread the word, get the paints and sequins out and get marching.

Holyrood Park, June 8. £15 – £49.50.



The stop motion icons have won plenty of accolades including an Academy Award. The loveable duo has been getting into all sorts of exciting adventures for decades now, in TV shows and feature films that have become critically and commercially acclaimed all over the world.

Wallace and Gromit’s Musical Marvels sees the pair feature in a musical extravaganza for the first time. The show is sure to keep all of the charm of the original animated series in a way that will push all the buttons of those looking for a sense of nostalgia, all the while offering up something completely inventive and original that will please fans old and new.

Royal Concert Hall, June 9. £20.70 – £46