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What’s on in Glasgow and Edinburgh to lighten up your Winter?

The Festival of the Dead website promises “giant skull processions,” “carnival pageantry,” and “unadulterated partying”.
Now, if that’s your standard Friday night out then there’s probably no need to break the mould for this freak show.
But for the happily morbid among you, this is perhaps a perfect opportunity to indulge your dramatic tendencies without fear of appearing out of touch with the living souls with whom you must share the planet.
The site also points out that their event is not part of the Dia de los Muertos public holiday, which has “significant religious meaning and many traditions that will not be happening at our show”. So on the off chance that you’ll be offended by the Festival’s cultural shortcomings it’s maybe best to stay home that night.

festival of dead

Festival of the Dead takes place at the O2 Academy on November 24.

Scotland inexplicably bursts into party mode at the mere suggestion of enjoying a cheeky Guinness on St Paddy’s Day.
Thanks, Ireland. Yet we’ve got a patron saint all of our own who surely deserves the same level of reverence, commemoration and, well, naked flames. The very same people who bring you the West End Festival also provide something to do amid the gloom and darkness of a cold November night in Glasgow, namely the St Andrew’s Day Torchlight parade.
£8 for a ticket and torch, £3 for just a ticket. But then joining a torchlight parade with no torch is a bit like trying to play badminton without that feathery-plasticky flying thing to bat over the net.


St Andrew’s Day Torchlight Parade takes place on November 30 from 6.30pm. Procession gather at Queen Margaret Drive football pitches.

We all like to eat, right? And we all like to go to festivals. No surprises, then, that these two most popular of pastimes should be combined into a jolly good fun – and no doubt calorie-busting – day out.
Think street food tents, cooking demonstrations, baking masterclasses, and, yes, wine tasting. For those of you who don’t want to just eat lovely cakes and drink lovely wine (freaks, I call them) there’s also a music stage and healthy living area, amongst other activities.
Now, I’ve never even seen The Great British Bake-off, but I reckon this is going to be even better than the popular TV show that I’ve never seen.

food festival

Foodies Festival runs from November 24-26 at Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

Since it opened 20 years ago, Edinburgh’s Christmas Market has gained a reputation for its picturesque stalls and stunning fairy lights.
The market is both traditional and romantic, making it perfect to visit with both your family or significant other.
Located in the centre of the city, the market offers each visitor a unique experience. Stalls sell a massive variety, ranging from gifts and crafts to sweet treats. Don’t forget to check out the ferris wheel, helter-skelter and ice-skating rink.

xmas market

Edinburgh Christmas Market is open from now until January 7