Entertainment in the Cities

Diversity: Born Ready

Can you believe it’s 10 years since incredible back-flipping dance troupe Diversity won Britain’s Got Talent? What age were you when you watched them on TV? Their new ‘Born Ready’ show will have a mixture of new and old routines and promises to include illusions, mind-blowing stunts and of course back flips, side flips, front flips, upside down flips, 360 degree flips.
Who doesn’t like a flip?
The cute 12 year-old with the amazing big afro do is now 23-years-old with an amazing big afro do. His hairdo might be wearing thin but I’ve got a feeling this dance group are still going to wow us so it’s worth a shout.

Usher Hall, October 5. From £31.35.

Blood & Guts: The twists & turns of Edinburgh’s medical history.

This walking tour promises ‘the highs and lows of Edinburgh’s world renowned medical history’. Stroll through the sites where anatomists, surgeons and physicians worked, operated and squabbled in the quest for medical advancement.
Information is drawn from the archives at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh so you will hear little known accounts of iconic writers, chloroform tea parties, pioneering women, grave robbing and of course Britain’s first serial killers the infamous Burke and Hare.
Hear tales of old Edinburgh, disease, dissection and curious methods of treatment. Tours last 70mins and include free museum access from 10am-5pm on the day of your tour.

Surgeon’s Hall, various dates. £9.50-£13.50.

Edinburgh Rum Festival

Is it just me or are festivals taking over the calendar? Music festivals, coffee festivals, book festivals, freshers festivals, comedy festivals and over the last few years gin and craft beers festivals. So I guess, why not rum festivals?
The Rum Festival promises 100 different rums, cocktails, dancing, sampling and no doubt some Caribbean music to get you into the mood to party.
I don’t know who came up with the idea of naming the ‘meet and greets’ Rumuns but it’s inspired. (I’d like to imagine Rum Nuns walking about pouring beer from flagons while in their full habit gear.)
Enjoy your free rum festival glass. Drinks tokens are £5 a pop and include a mixer of your choice and garnish. Woo hoo! If you’re up for listening to some sales pitch about the different flavoured rums then there are a minimum of 10 free samples included with your ticket.

Summerhall, September 27-28. £8.58-£51.22

Still Game Live

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never ever seen Still Game. But here’s what I’ve gathered from my extremely limited research (I asked my humour-challenged flat mate James):
1) The show’s about a couple of old timers who get up to all sorts of pensioner-age antics.
2) It has been described as “hilarious and touching” by someone whose name I can’t recall.
3) It ‘stars’ a couple of guys who used to be in a BBC sketch show called Chewin’ the Fat.
4) It’s pretty popular among all age groups. Except, it would seem, my flat mate James.
5) This is the final tour before protagonists Jack and Victor hang up their bunnets. And pipes. And false teeth.

SSE Hydro, September 27 – October 13. £33.50-£85.15.

previews by Susie Daniels