Five Actors Who Should Play Han Solo by Stephen Couse

The hype is tremendous – everyone is talking about the new Star Wars film and hundreds of lucky Los Angeles fans will be the first to see the force awaken in three giant cinema screens. While we wait another unbearable three days let’s deflect the tension and take a moment to discuss the Star Wars film due out in 2018.

It’s a prequel based on Han Solo. The iconic character is one of the best-loved in the history of film, so casting for the anthology film is a pretty big deal.

Here are five candidates who might be up to filling the big shoes of the scruffy-looking nerfherder.
Anthony Ingruber


This candidate is almost too good to be true. Ingruber made a video in 2008 doing an impression of Han Solo/Harrison Ford and even though it was intended as a joke, it’s pretty exciting to think he could actually play Han Solo. The resemblance is as close as the directors will get, and he’s even played a young version of Harrison Ford before, in The Age of Adaline.

The only downside is that he doesn’t have as much acting experience, with only a handful of roles under his belt. However, with The Force Awakens going to relative unknowns in the leads, and the original films doing the same, there’s hope this may happen, with fans already campaigning for him to get an audition.

Richard Madden

If they’re looking for someone who closely resembles the grit of the young Harrison Ford (and they really should), another potential lead could be Richard Madden. There’s not as much of a resemblance as Ingruber, but the Game of Thrones and Cinderella actor has more experience. Although Scottish, he has proven he can change accents, particularly in Klondike, a television series set in Canada.
Han Solo is a bit of a charmer (despite the ‘I know’ response to Princess Leia’s proclamation of love), and Madden has shown these attributes when he played Prince Charming in Cinderella.

Dylan O’Brien

The Maze Runner star has experience playing a main role in a major film series, and it is easy to see him portraying Han Solo. There is a likeness, and the 24 year old could pull off playing a younger character (if they wanted Han Solo to be a teenager it would not be unbelievable).

It is a role that is unlike anything he has done before, but O’Brien is a talented actor growing into an archetypal hero in the Maze Runner franchise. There is even a moment in the Scorch Trials, as seen in the trailer, when he slides under a closing door, Indiana Jones style.

Logan Lerman

The 23 year old Percy Jackson star is another young, experienced action film actor. He’s proven his acting chops in the critically acclaimed coming of age drama The Perks of Being a Wallflower as well as in a supporting role alongside Brad Pitt in the war film Fury last year.

In the Percy Jackson series he doesn’t carry the same charm or confidence as a Han Solo type character, but there are hints of the same attributes in there. Another one who could get away with playing a teenage Han Solo.
Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is almost the perfect actor to play a young Han Solo. There’s just the issues that he’s a little too old, he doesn’t really look like Harrison Ford, he already has a hectic filming schedule and he’s already played a similar character in Guardians of the Galaxy. Otherwise perfect.
He has the humour needed for the character (check out Parks and Recreation if you haven’t already) and he’s the modern embodiment of a classic Hollywood hero, like Harrison Ford in the era he was playing Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan.

There you have it – the actors we would recommend for the role. So many of us treasure Star Wars and Han Solo, so please don’t mess this one up, Hollywood. We’ve already endured Jar Jar Binks. With the Lego Movie directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord at the helm and a script by Lawrence Kasdan (of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Empire Strikes Back) and his son Jon, it’s looking positive.