Etsy Made Local

ETSY is bringing its homemade trinkets to the UK this Christmas!

The website, which mainly sells handmade and vintage items, will be hosting events across the UK on December 5 and 6.

This is your opportunity to meet local designers and producers in your area and find unique, special gifts for anyone in your life.

And you won’t want to miss the chance to nab a treat for yourself, too.


This community-led initiative aims to celebrate local artisans and creative types, and will help bring about some Christmas cheer with festive surprises in store, too.

Etsy Made Local will stretch across the UK, and will take place in Glasgow on Sunday, December 6.

It will be hosted in The Briggait, a beautiful Merchant City building which has 45 studios for visual artists, four shop-front units for creative industries units and other spaces for artsy folk.

The vintage fair will have around 60 stalls open on this day for Glasgow Etsy team members, and every space is packed!

This surely promises a wide variety of beautiful creations. Details will trickle in from now to the weekend of the actual event.

Stalls will be open from 12pm until 4pm.

On Etsy Made Local’s Facebook event page, nearly 1,000 people have said that they are interested in attending the event!

And why shouldn’t you be? This sounds like the perfect event to get you into the Christmas spirit!

ETSY Made Local will take place at : Briggait, Glasgow, Decembr 6.

Style Mile 
Christmas Carnival

Christmas shoppers, prepare to be dazzled! On November 22 at 12pm, the Style Mile Christmas Carnival will spark the festive feeling throughout the city centre.

The carnival will take place on Buchanan Street and many surprises will be in stores along the route, to help bring in the season to be jolly.


With over 15,000 shops, it should be no bother spreading the cheer and finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

The Style Mile Christmas Carnival will take place in Buchanan St on 
November 22, starting at 12pm.

5K Santa Dash

Forget your Personal Best! The Santa Dash is all about raising money for charity and guess who can enter – anyone and pretty much anything!


If you qualify as adult, child, dog, baby or anything in between then grab your Santa beard and suit cos you’re going to have the best fun with your mates all dressed up with somewhere to go and some point in doing it.

Run through the centre of Glasgow satisfied with the knowledge you’re both gaining and losing pounds!

Glasgow 5K Santa Dash will set off at George Square on 
Sunday December 6.

It’s a Wonderful Life

The Glasgow Film Theatre will again be showing Frank Capra’s 1946 Christmas classic.


What better way to feel the festive cheer than to watch a film about a man contemplating suicide?

Sounds dark, yes, but it is heart-warming! Here’s a synopsis:
George Bailey (James Stewart) is out of luck and swimming in debt – he considers suicide on Christmas Eve (no really, it gets cheery).

When he wishes that he had never even been born, Clarence the Guardian Angel (Henry Travers) comes from the 
heavens to convince him not to do it.

Clarence takes George for a nightmare-like trip which helps George realise how much his life has touched the people around him.

So with this, George learns that it’s a wonderful life after all!

It’s a Wonderful Life 
will show at the GFT from December 11-24.


You will go to the theatre!


That’s because Cinderella shall be playing at the SSE Lomond Auditorium from December 15 – 20.

Tickets start at £31.20, due to high demand of course, but for this classic fairy-tale it will be well worth it!


On December 10 at 6pm, a male Elizabethan courtier invites you to witness the journey of self-discovery through four centuries and one sex change.


At Glasgow’s Women’s Library, androgyny of everyman/woman is captured in a humorous and visually beautiful succession of episodes.


SHIT-FACED Shakespeare

The S**t-faced Shakespeare company’s own website explains it better than I ever could.
And I quote, “This show contains a single, genuinely inebriated, cast member and may therefore contain strong language, nudity, implied acts of a sexual nature, rapidly expelled bodily fluids, bad singing, actual acts of a sexual nature and possibly ‘moist moments’.”
It’s an entirely serious Shakespearen play with an entirely inebriated cast member.
You have been warned!

SHIT-FACED Shakespeare will be at St Andrews Square from December 9-13.